An outstanding collection of 13 important papers by America's greatest microbiologist.

The first paper listed below (GM 2335) is "the first clear differentiation between the bovine and human types of tubercle bacillus." In the DAB, Phalen writes "Smith ranks in medical history as one of the foremost medical scientists that the United States has produced. His place in American medicine is comparable to that of Pasteur in France and Koch in Germany." Smith (1859-1934) was noted especially for his work on Texas fever, immunization by dead vaccines, differentiation of tubercle bacilli, anaphylaxis, and other related subjects. The collection, all 8vo in size and in original wrappers is in a 1/2 calf protective box. 1. A comparative study of bovine tubercle bacilli and of human bacilli from sputum. From The Journal of Experimental Medicine Vol. III, Nos. 4 & 5. 1898. GM 2335. 2. Variation among pathogenic bacteria. Reprinted from The Journal of the Boston Society of Medical Sciences. Vol. IV pp. 95-109, January 1900. 3. Comparative Pathology: Its relation to biology and medicine. Read before the Pathological Society of Phila., April 26, 1900. Author's presentation copy. 4. Adaptation of pathogenic bacteria to different species of animals. From The Phila. Medical Journal, 1900. 5. The relation between bovine and human tuberculosis. FromThe Medical News,N.Y., Feb. 22, 1902. 6. The sources favoring conditions and prophylaxix of malaria in temperate climates, with especial reference to Massachusetts. The Shattuck Lecture. June 9, 1903. Illustrated with 3 plates. 7. Some problems in the life history of pathogenic microorganisms. Repr. from American medicine, Vol III, No. 17. pp. 711-718. Title page missing. 8. Medical research: its place in the university medical school. Repr. from The Popular Science Monthly. April 1905. 9. Research into the Causes and Antecedents of Disease, its importance to society. Repr. from the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal Vol. 153, No. 1, pp 6-11, July 6, 1905. 10. The Relation of Animal Life to Human Diseases. Repr. from the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal Vol. 153, No. 18, pp 485-489, Nov. 2, 1905. 11. The Parasitism of the Tubercle Bacillus and Its Bearing on Infection and Immunity. Repr. from The Journal of the Amer. Med. Assoc. April 28, 1906. Chicago, 1906. 12. Notes on the biology of the tubercle bacillus. Repr. from The Journal of Med. Research. Vol. 28, No. 1. May 1913. 13. The importance of research in animal pathology to agriculture. The Univ. of Nebraska College of Agriculture. Sept. 24, 1920. Author's presentation copy.

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