Custom Framing

 Argosy Gallery is committed to taking care of antique maps and prints, whether those available in our store, or those you already treasure. We are pleased to offer conservation services and framing that can bring your works on paper up to contemporary standards and keep them stable for many years to come. The history of displaying works on paper is almost as long as the history of the works themselves. As knowledge and technology have advanced, the actual and potential detriments of earlier practices — old framing, acidic backings, corrosive adhesives, to name some — have become more visible. Furthermore, the simple passage of time can result in stains, tears, creases, and decomposition that take away from the value and beauty of an object. Conservation services can mitigate the serious damage these and other conditions can cause. Some examples include:


Flattening: relaxing paper fibers through humidification.

Mounting: adding extra support such as linen or Japanese paper to bolster thin papers.

Cleaning: removing surface dirt and, when possible, eliminating stains via chemical or natural processes.

Repair: Mending rips or years with conservator’s tape, backing materials, or fiber fills, as well as rebuilding missing areas.

While buying a map or print is often an investment in itself, investing in an object’s future can be equally important. Argosy Gallery is happy to consult with you about options for conservation and display of your works on paper, as methods and practices vary based on each individual project.