Books by the Foot

One of our specialties is supplying books by the foot to interior decorators, architects, furniture showrooms, model homes, television and theater sets, as well as to individuals who want instant libraries as part of their decorating scheme.

Prices vary according the look you are seeking. Miscellaneous cloth-bound books can run as low as $40 per foot, and antique leather $375 and up. We can provide subject collections, such as history, biography, fiction, etc., or even books by color -- white libraries are a recent trend.

We welcome your visit here in the store, or if it's more convenient, we can supply images via email.

2024 Prices

General Hardcover (used, mixed subjects) $50.00
Quality Softcover $65.00
Fiction $100.00
Specific Subject or Color (history, science, cooking, biography, etc.) $150.00
Sets in Cloth $185.00
Heritage Classics (with or without cases) $250.00
Art Books (mixture of subjects and sizes) $260.00
Decorative Cloth $285.00
New Leather (mix of full and partial leather) $350.00 and up
Antique Leather (sets and individual volumes) $400.00 and up