We are highly qualified to conduct appraisals of diverse material. Over the last 96 years, we have produced thousands of appraisals, done in accordance with professional guidelines. We are pleased to offer a range of services for single items, or large collections: valuation for insurance coverage, estate planning or tax purposes, charitable contribution or potential sale.

Fees are billed at an hourly rate, minimum one hour, or at an arranged fixed price. The cost is never based on the value of the material, but we may be able to help you determine, for free, whether paying for an appraisal is appropriate for your particular situation. We are willing to take your money, but it is probably silly to pay $300 to determine that your collection is worth $1000.

For paid appraisals we always act as an independent and disinterested 3rd party, but perhaps you just want an informal “assessment” of books you wish to sell. See our Sell to Us page for more details, but we will examine your books (no charge) and make you a fair offer on any desirable items with the understanding that we will be offering less than we hope to eventually re-sell the items for…

Please write or call us for more information