Binding & Restoration

We have an excellent book restorer on staff who can do some rather amazing cosmetic repairs on books or documents which need a little, or a lot, of skillful attention. Perhaps you need a custom box created to protect a fragile item, or want to have a special book completely re-bound. We use several fine binderies located throughout New England and are happy to arrange for it to be done to your specifications. Prices vary depending on size and materials chosen, as well as the level of custom detailing. Estimates are gladly given.

Other specialists are available. Put your foot through your favorite Picasso? We can get it mended (and recommend an anger management class). Spilled oatmeal on your George Washington letter? We can have it cleaned. Mouse chewed the edges of your Great Gatsby dust wrapper? We can have it re-built. Dropped your family bible in the swimming pool? You might be out of luck…. but we are not afraid to try!