Collection of 7 offprints from Memoires de l'Academie des Sciences, as below.

Paris: 1872.

4to, modern brown buckram, leather spine label; bookplate of Franz Sondheimer. (Paris, 1872-78). Fine.

(1). (Edmond). Memoire sur l'Analyse de la Lumiere emise par les composes d'uranium phosphorescents..., 5 aout 1872. pp. 1-40; (2). (Antoine-Cesar). Premier Memoire sur le Mode d'Intervention de l'Eau et les Forces Electro-Motrices..., 7 juillet 1873. pp. 1-78; (3). (Antoine & Edmond). Memoire sur la Temperature de deux sols semblables...observee avec le thermometre electrique... 13 fevrier 1874. pp. 1-53. With 43pp. of temperature tables; (4). (Antoine- Cesar). Quatrieme Memoire sur la Dynamique chimique... 27 avril 1874. pp. 1-15. (5). (Antoine-Cesar). Dixieme Memoire sur la formation de diverse substances cristallisees dans les Espaces Capillaires, 20 avril 1874. pp. 1-31; (6). (Antoine-Cesar). Memoire sur l'Intervention des Forces Physico-Chimiques dans les phenomenes de nutrition. 7 decembre 1874. pp. 1-84; (7). (Antoine & Edmond). Memoire sur la Temperature de deux sols semblables...observee avec le thermometre electrique..., 19 mars 1875, pp. 1-55. With 47 pp. of temperature tables. The first of these papers is by Alexander-Edmond Becquerel, and is concerned with the radiations emitted by uranium. The other six papers report the electro-chemical researches of Edmond's father, Antoine-Cesar Becquerel, with two of the articles written in collaboration by father and son. Both father and son held the chair of physics at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle. Antoine-Cesar Becquerel did his researches primarily in the field of electrochemistry, establishing that all chemical reactions can generate electricity, and synthesizing mineral substances. His son, Alexandre Edmond, did his most significant work on the phenomena of luminescence, providing the germ for the researches of his son, Henri Bequerel and the subsequent discovery of radiation.

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