Item #294724 United Behind the Service Star; United War Work Campaign. Ernest Hamlin BAKER.

United Behind the Service Star; United War Work Campaign

New York: Carey Print Lith.

Poster mounted on linen. Page measures 40" x 28 1/4"

This vibrant World War I poster depicts American soldiers flying the flags of seven service organizations at a military parade. A large blue star appears over the flags, and below the image reads "United Behind the Service Star". The seven organizations are participants in the United War Work Campaign, or UWWC, a coalition charged with raising $170,000,000 to help demobilize the army and maintain morale in the final few years of the war. The campaign was a success, and was at the time recognized as the largest fundraising event in history. The emblems of each organization - the YMCA, the National Catholic War Council, the Jewish Welfare Board, the Salvation Army, War Camp Community Service, and the American Library Association, and the YWCA - are featured. This poster is a wonderful vestige that illustrates the willingness of all different organizations to demonstrate their devotion to the nation's troops.

Language: English

Price: $750.00

Item #294724

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