Item #288965 Signed Cabinet Photograph. David Heinrich MUELLER.
Signed Cabinet Photograph

Signed Cabinet Photograph

Vienna: 1903.

Exceedingly rare signed cabinet photograph by Lowy, 4.25" x 6.25", depicting Mueller with full beard and glasses, attired in a military frock coat adorned with gold buttons, with the addition of a large filigree chain with honorarium medals, boldly signed beneath his image: "D.H. Mueller - Dec 1903".

Austrian-Jewish Hebrew scholar, archaeologist and orientalist who, upon the discovery of the Code of Hammurabi, was the first to write of its relationship to the laws of the Pentateuch; translating the Code into biblical Hebrew, and to those of the Syrian-Roman Law Book. Mueller also wrote comparative studies of Semitic languages; on the Cuneiform writings discovered at Ashrut Dargha; and on the particular division of sibilants in the South-Arabians dialect. On his second expedition to South Arabia in 1888 he was able to make several significant linguistic and literary discoveries, enabling him to be elected a member of the Austro-Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In recognition of his many achievements he was ennobled under the title of Baron Mueller von Deham.

Illustrator: Josef Lowy
Binding: Unbound
Condition: Very Good
Language: English

Price: $950.00

Item #288965