Epimachus Superbus [Black Sicklebill]. Georg August GOLDFUSS.

Epimachus Superbus [Black Sicklebill]

Dusseldorf: Arnz.

Lithograph with hand coloring. 23.75 x 18.5 inches. Shows some minor wear to edge and some light foxing. In very good condition.

A vibrant illustration of a Black Sicklebill, a large bird-of-paradise found in New Guinea, presented as 1/2 of natural size. This is plate 258 from Goldfuss' 'Naturalists Atlas', a collection of large folio sized lithographs published in serial form (unbound) in Dusseldorf by Arnz from 1824-1842. Georg August Goldfuss (1782-1848) was a German paleontologist, botanist, and zoologist. In 1820, he coined the term 'protozoa' to describe single-celled organisms.

Binding: Unbound
Language: Latin

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