Quinta etas mundi. Hartmann SCHEDEL.
Quinta etas mundi

Quinta etas mundi

Nuremburg: Koberger, Anton, 1493.

Woodcut, uncolored. Page measures 17" x 12 1/4".

From the Latin edition of the Liber cronicarum (Nuremberg Chronicle). The first secular published book, it tells the history of the earth through seven "ages". As the recto LXVI, this piece shows a fictitious view of the visionary temple of Ezekiel. It includes the first figure of the temple edifice, a second similar figure, and a two figures showing the ornamentation of the gate. The verso LXVI shows the ground view of the posterior gate, elevation of the east gate and appendages, and elevation of the north edifice. There are two editions of the book, the first in Latin and the second in German. Although many towns and cities in Europe and the Near East are illustrated in the book, 49 of them were printed with only 14 different woodblocks, resulting in two or more

Illustrator: Wolgemut, Michael
Binding: Unbound
Language: Latin

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