Very attractive Boston to Great Britain manuscript trade manifest document. Boston, January 8th 1794. 7 inches x 11 3/4 inches. 1 page.

Boston: 1794.

from M. Bicker & Sons, wholesalers to Captain William Story. Boston, 1794. Fine with strong folds.

"...Having appointed you commander of the Brig Harriot, our orders for you to proceed with the first fair wind to Cowes, England and when arrived to value upon our Mr. Martin Bicker. If he happens to be absent form Cowes, write immediately on to Him at London & ask of him his orders which will attend to in every respect...If it should happen (which we don't suppose will be the case) that Mr. Bicker is will in that case proceed direct on to Liverpool & consign your cargo to Mr. Peter Kinnon...and desire him to dispatch you immediately with a cargo of salt & fur coats for Boston, unless a good freight should offer for you immediately for some Port of these United States..."

Binding: Unbound
Condition: Fine
Language: English

Price: $200.00

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