Item #234344 Semâto (Fusilier de l'enderta), Ouelda Mikael (Lancier du tigré). Charlemagne Théophile LEFEBVRE.

Semâto (Fusilier de l'enderta), Ouelda Mikael (Lancier du tigré)

Arthus Bertrand.

Lithograph with hand-coloring. Image measures 11.5" x 13.75".

This plate from Lefebvre's "Voyage en Abyssinie" features two figures against a yellow background showing the local costume of Abyssinie, now Ethiopia. The figure on the left wears traveling clothes and is carrying a rifle. The figure on the right is outfitted for battle with a spear and shield. The print is in good condition, with browning and tears limited generally to the margins where they do not affect the image. Some unnoticeable stray marks and stains on the image. Charlemagne Théophile Lefebvre (1811-1860) was a French explorer whose 9-volume "Voyage en Abyssinie" was the first detailed scientific survey of Ethiopia. He compiled the work based on an expedition he made for the French government between 1839 and 1843 to the the principal towns of Ethiopia: Adwaz, Aksum, Adegrat, Chalaqot, Ankobar, Angolah and Gondar, as well as a number of villages, markets and monasteries. 3 volumes of plates depicting the botany, landscape, zoology, ethnography, and anthropology of the region and its people. This print is an interesting example from this rare work.

Illustrator: Bayot
Language: English

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Item #234344