Item #224440 Autographed Document Signed regarding a boundary dispute. AROOSTOOK WAR -.

Autographed Document Signed regarding a boundary dispute

Readfield: 1839.

1 page, 11 x 7.75 inches, Readfield, February 22, 1839. Outstanding and historically important autographed document regarding a dispute between Maine and New Brunswick, signed "Samuel K. Currier," Adjutant, Regiment Artillery 1st Brigade - 2nd Division. In part: "In obedience to General Orders of the 19th, instituted and herewith transmitted...of the 21st...a draft of the Regiment Artillery is ordered to be made with all possible dispatch as follows...vis...Capt. A. P. Arnolds and two sergeants; George W. Armstrong from the D Company; Lieutenant Augustan Lords - one fifer and one drummer; Ira Portman of the A Company is detached. Capt. John Ford will draft from the A Company twenty privates...Lieutenant Fairbanks will draft from the Company B twenty privates. After the several commandants of the said companies shall have perfected their drafts they will forthwith report to Col. John Courier of the Regt. & Artily. in obedience to said Brigade Orders. The foregoing Orders are transmitted by command..." Military documents pertaining to General Orders No. 7 are extremely rare and this example is in fine condition.

The Aroostock War was a boundary dispute between the state of Maine and the Canadian province of New Brunswick in 1838-1839. High tensions and heated rhetoric led both sides to raise troops, arm them, and march them along the disputed border. At one point, reports of British bringing up their Regular Army troops from the West Indies, reports of the Mohawk Nation offering their services to Quebec, and reports of New Brunswick forces gathering on the Saint John River resulted in the Issuance of General Order No. 7 on February 19, 1839, calling for a general draft of Maine Militia. In essence, Maine had become the only state to have ever declared war on another country. The grievance was ultimately settled through the Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842, establishing a definitive boundary between the countries, giving most of the disputed area to Maine.

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Item #224440

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