Item #5442 Autographed Letter Signed. Thomas JONES, 1732 - 1819.

Autographed Letter Signed

New York: 1775.

War-date autographed letter signed by the New York jurist and Loyalist, to the Royal Governor of New York in the last days of Britain's rule, requesting pardon for some prisoners. Jones and his family, after several captures and pardons, fled to Europe in 1781 and were then exiled by the Act of Attainder, which made it a capital offense for Loyalists to return to America. Two pages (front and back), 8 x 6 inches, addressed on verso with contemporary notes, perhaps a clerk's (partial split on fold). New York, July 31, 1775.

"...Mr. Ludlow who sat alone upon the Bench when he was brought up for tryal [sic] thought it best to defer his trial & to recommend him to your Excellency for a pardon before Conviction. He stands charged with passing a Counterfeit 2s. piece to one Mary Clark who prosecutes and is the only Witness against him. She is...well known in this City of a notorious bad character and keeps a house of ill repute (in which the Money was passt [sic].) Little credit can be given to the Testimony of such a person..."

Binding: Unbound
Language: English

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Item #5442

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