Item #301836 D Henricus Comes Vanden Berghe. Paulus PONTIUS.

D Henricus Comes Vanden Berghe

London: 1770.

Print. Etching. Image measures 14 1/4" x 11 1/2"

Striking portrait of Count Hendrik van den Bergh, a Dutch soldier who fought for the Spanish Habsburgs in the Eighty Years War. He was the son of Willem IV van den Bergh, and Maria of Nassau, the sister of William the Silent. He served in the Spanish military where he rose to second-in-command under Albert and Isabella, before defecting to the Stadthouder's forces in 1632. The engraving was made after a painting by Anthony Van Dyck, that now hangs at the Museo del Prado. The painting was executed before van Berghe defected. In good condition with faint horizontal crease mark and trimmed to neat line.

Language: English

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Item #301836

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