Birds Eye View Of The Soudan and Surrounding Countries

London: Illustrated London News, 1884.

Map. Color lithograph. Measures 16 1/2" x 21 7/8"

Rare map of Africa extending from the mouth of the Congo River in present-day Angola, to Zanzibar on the eastern coast, and northward to the Nile River delta. In the left corner are two large portraits of General Gordon and Colonel Stewart, and an inset in the upper right corner shows views of Khartoum, Mudir's Palace, El Obeid, and the defile of Karaza Kordofan. This map was published as a supplement to the Illustrated London News, on July 12th, 1884. At the time of publication, the city of Khartoum was under siege by the Mahdists. Both General Gordon and Colonel Stewart were killed in the siege. In the lower margin, distance in miles between various cities is listed. Mountains, rivers, and cities are beautifully rendered. The region, covering present-day Angola, Congo, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt, is extensively labeled.

Language: English

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