Autographed Letter Signed (A.L.S.), "Elisha Gray" Elisha GRAY.
Autographed Letter Signed (A.L.S.), "Elisha Gray"

Autographed Letter Signed (A.L.S.), "Elisha Gray"

Highland Park: 1898.

Scarce A.L.S. 8vo. 2 pages, personal letterhead, Highland Park, Illinois, May 13th 1898, responding to the Royal Arch Museum, who had previously requested a sample of Gray's handwriting so that they could provide a profile analysis, in part: "I hereby send you a specimen of my pen-track. If from writing it is evidence of greatness - I am certainly a great man. I have discovered that while as a rule, great men are born writers...on the other hand all born writers are not great men. So I get no comfort out of the part that my pen-track are really hen-tracks..." Boldly signed and in excellent condition.

GRAY, Elisha -(1835 - 1901) - American electrical engineer who co-founded The Western Electric Company and is best remembered for his development of a telephone prototype in 1876. Many modern scholars convincingly argue that Gray should be considered the "true" inventor of the telephone because Alexander Graham Bell stole the idea from him.

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