N. 192 (Cypripedium Acaule. Two-Leaved Lady's Slipper.). William CURTIS.

N. 192 (Cypripedium Acaule. Two-Leaved Lady's Slipper.)

London: W. Curtis, 1794.

Botanical print. Copper plate engraving with hand coloring. Page measures 9" x 5.75".

This beautiful print depicts the Cypripedium, or Pink Lady's Slipper. Part of the orchid family, this species is native to North America, and flowers in May.

William Curtis (1746-1799) was an English botanist who began as an apothecary before turning his attention to natural history. He established his own London Botanic Garden in the 1770's and published "Flora Londinensis" (6 volumes, 1777-1798) which was devoted to urban nature. This was not a financial success, but he went on to publish "The Botanical Magazine" in 1787, a work that featured hand colored plates by various artists, and which was very popular. Natural history illustrators such as James Sowerby and Sydenham Edwards found a start with the magazine.

This botanical is from volume 1 of the magazine and is sold with it's original description. Pin holes along left edge from original binding. Full original margins. Please visit our gallery for more Curtis prints.

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