Item #298117 Indian Ocean Floor. Marie THARP, Bruce C. HEEZEN.

Indian Ocean Floor

Washington, D.C. National Geographic Society, 1967.

Map. Full-color offset lithograph. 25" x 19". Some wear along original folds.

Supplement to the October 1967 issue of National Geographic Magazine, Vol. 132, No. 4. One side features a relief map of the Indian Ocean floor, showing part of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Asia, and parts of Australia. The map shows the impressive terrain below the ocean surface, showing fracture zones, trenches, rift valleys, and undersea mountain ranges including the immense Mid-Oceanic Ridge. Geological features above and below the ocean are labeled, with heights and depths indicated.

Marie Tharp (1920-2006) was a prominent American oceanographic cartographer and geologist, whose work was incredibly important to modern earth science and to the advancement of women in the field. The discovery of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and our modern understanding of plate tectonics and continental drift has been attributed to Tharp - although at the time she was often uncredited for her work.

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Item #298117

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