Sèvres (Pot-pourri Vaisseau). Edouard GARNIER.

Sèvres (Pot-pourri Vaisseau)

Paris: Maison Quantin, 1892.

Chromolithograph. Page measures 10.75" x 17.5". Image measures 8 3/4" x 11 3/4"

Edouard Garnier (1840-1903), French artist and curator of the Museum of Ceramics and Collections, made 50 original watercolors that were engraved as chromolithographs by Parisian printer Maison Quantin. Only 283 copies of the folio were produced. This engraving depicts an ornate potpourri vase. Painted in the signature Sevres pink color called "fond rose", it features a hand-painted cartouche of two cupids resting. Surrounding the piece are illustrations of birds and florals. The intricate detailing, specifically the lid which is covered with small openings, shows the incredible craftsmanship and level of skill in production. These prints use a luxurious gold metallic ink to depict the gilt used in the original pieces. In very good condition.

This print comes from the book "La Porcelaine Tendre de Sèvres", or "The Soft Porcelain of Sevres", published as a historical reference to the Sevres Porcelain factory in France, known for producing some of the most highly valued porcelain collected by royalty and other prominent families worldwide. The Vincennes Porcelain Factory, founded in 1740, received significant patronage by Louis XV and his mistress Madame de Pompadour and became widely known for producing some of the finest porcelain in Europe. In 1756, the factory relocated to Sevres, and only three years later, it was purchased by the French crown. The Sevres factory is still in operation today, under ownership of the French government, and continues to manufacture some of the highest quality porcelain.

Illustrator: Gillot
Language: English

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