Letter Press Signature as President. John ADAMS.

Letter Press Signature as President

Outstanding letter press signature as President of the United States, on thick stock handmade paper, with the addition of the signature of Timothy Pickering, who adds: "By the President of the United States. Timothy Pickering, Secretary of State." *'Letter Press' can be defined as an early method of making a copy of an original letter or document, by placing a thin sheet of paper on top of the original while ink is still wet, and then applying significant pressure to create an imprint of the original. This example is exceptional because of the high acidity of the iron gall ink used by Adams and Pickering, which was strong enough to create the reversed-mirror 'ghost writing' that appears on verso. Item is beautifully floated in a white diamond-cut matte with two openings, accompanied by a vintage steel engraving by Thomas B. Welch, from a portrait executed by Gilbert Stuart, and placed inside a black and gold frame with an antique finish, to 12" x 16". Original signature combinations of Adams and Pickering, removed from documents, routinely sell for between $3500 and $500. Letter press examples, though not often sold, are an alternative for collectors to acquire a unique copy of an important signature.

American Statesman and Founding Father who served as the second President of the United States of America.

Binding: Unbound
Condition: Very Good
Language: English

Price: $2,200.00

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