Caught In A Trap; The Result of the Third-Term Hoax. Thomas NAST, HARPER'S WEEKLY.

Caught In A Trap; The Result of the Third-Term Hoax

New York: Harper's Weekly, 1874.

Woodcut. Page measures 16 3/8" x 11 1/2".

A full page political cartoon referencing the midterm elections of 1874. The image shows an elephant, representing the Republican party, falling into a trap. The cartoon was published as a sequel to a previous image published on November 7, and is one of the first cartoons to use the elephant as a Republican symbol.From the November 21, 1874 edition of Harper's Magazine, page 960. Minor chip and tea to lower margin.

Thomas Nast was a political cartoonist and illustrator; credited with devising elephant and donkey symbols of Republican and Democratic parties, and with creating American image of Santa Claus. He largely featured Catholicism and the papacy in Rome, Irish-Americans, and corrupt Democratic politicians (namely Boss Tweed and the Tammany Hall institution). This is a great example of his work.

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