North America Sheet V The North West and Michigan Territories

London: Chapman and Hall, 1844.

Map. Engraving. Sheet measures 13" x 16". Printed dat of 1833 but 1844.

Nice clean map of Wisconsin and Michigan, detailing Lake Michigan, the second largest of the Great Lakes. Notes the Huron and Northwest Territories in modern day Wisconsin, the Michigan Territory and the northern part of Illinois. Notes an elongated depiction of Lake Michigan. Labels various Indian tribes and topography. The map notes the Bad Axe River, the site for the Bad Axe Massacre or the Battle of Bad Axe fought in 1832, just a year prior to the publishing of this map. Map is in good condition with minor foxing and edge wear over the bottom margin. Nice to see in an uncolored edition. The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge was formed in 1826 and published low cost maps with the goal of reaching a large market, while still maintaining high quality and precision.

Illustrator: J. & C. Walker
Binding: Unbound
Language: English

Price: $275.00

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