Portugallia et Algarbiae Regna; Brasillae Regnum. Matth SEUTTER.

Portugallia et Algarbiae Regna; Brasillae Regnum

Augsburg: Matthaei Seutter.

Map. Hand colored engraving. 21 1/2 x 24 1/2".

Compelling colonial map of Portugal and colonial Brazil. Larger map shows Portugal, hand colored according to the different regions, showing some parts of Spain, as far south as Gibraltar, east as Malaga and Palencia, and north as Astorga. Cities and towns are noted, as well as rivers, bodies of water, roadways, and other topographical features. A large inset in the lower left shows coastal Brazil demonstrating the twelve captaincies, administrative divisions and hereditary fiefs of Portugal in the colony of Terra de Santa Cruz, later called Brazil. Outstanding title cartouchewith a description of areas in the world owned by Portugal. Neptune represents dominion over the sea and the Portuguese Queen, possibly Queen Maria Anna of Austria (1683-1754) who ruled Portugal as regent after her husband, King John V, died in 1742. At the Queen's feet is a map and next to her is a cherub with a cornucopia spilling out coins. Matthaus Seutter the elder (1678-1757) was an engraver, globe maker and map publisher based in Augsburg. He apprenticed with J.B. Homann in Nuremberg and was awarded the title of Imperial Geographer by Karl VI in 1731. This is a wonderful example of his work.

Language: Latin

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