Historical Map of the Old Northwest Territory. WORKS ADMINISTRATION OF OHIO FEDERAL ART PROJECT.
Historical Map of the Old Northwest Territory

Historical Map of the Old Northwest Territory

Marietta, Ohio: Northwest Territory Celebration Commission.

Map. Fold-out pamphlet. 23" x 17 1/2".

This pictorial map of the Old Northwest Territory showing from Mississippi River to the Ohio River and the eastern border of Ohio, is as full of historical detail as it is informative. The larger map in the center highlights the Old Northwest Territory within the context of the surrounding states. Pictorial icons and labels offer a peek into important historical events in the area and data, such as battles fought and population statistics. At the top of the page, a series of explanatory maps delineate how the US came into possession of the Northwest Territory, most notably showing Indian dispossession. An inset on the left side of the page explains Thomas Jefferson's conception for the subdivision of this new territory into states. Some of the more interesting ideas he had for states include "Polypotania," and "Cherronesus." Finally, a series of maps at the bottom of the page show how each state came to be. The back includes a copy of the Ordinance of 1787, which charted a government for the Northwest Territory.

Illustrator: RENTSCHLER, F.
Language: English

Price: $250.00

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