Autograph Letter Signed. Archibald PRIMROSE, 5th Earl of Rosebery.
Autograph Letter Signed
Autograph Letter Signed

Autograph Letter Signed

London: 1885.

Exceptional and historically important A.L.S. as Privy Consul, black bordered mourning stationary, 8vo. 4 pages, London, May Day 1885, to Sir George Arthur (not the Baronet), thanking him for sending a letter from Africa to a mutual friend, informing him of the death of his brother Col. Everard Henry Primrose, who died of fever in the Sudan while with the Camel-Corp on his way to join General Charles Gordon at Khartoum, in part: "...It is quite impossible for me to thank you ... for the letter which you wrote Leo, and which he sent me ... the day before yesterday. We had had no details beyond the bare fact of my brother's death, and your letter provided so concisely every particular that could interest us ... to provide comfort to my mother and to all of us. If you can imagine the position of losing an only brother in the heart of Africa and having only an announcement be telegraph - you will understand how welcome your letter was to us. Perhaps one day you could have time to write a note .. as to my brother's grave ... where he is buried and whether there is any mark upon it. I should also like very much to know the name of the Doctor and two orderlies who attended him. I understand from your letter that he was buried the same day he died. Please, if you have advanced any money to his account ... let me know your wishes as to where I should pay it in..." *Everard Primrose (1848-1885) was a Colonel in the Grenadier Guards who served as the British Military Attache at Vienna. It is strongly suggested that he was bored being a "paper pusher" and chose to go to the Sudan (via Egypt) for the purpose of assisting his friend General Charles Gordon. Primrose died on October 3rd 1884 - three months before the final siege of Khartoum and there seems little doubt that had he not died of fever, he would surely have died alongside Gordon. Boldly signed and in fine condition.

British politician and author who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from March 1894 to June 1895.

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