Carte De L'Isle De La Martinique. Jean COVENS, Cornielle MORTIER, after Guillaume Delisle.

Carte De L'Isle De La Martinique

Map. Original engraving. Image measures 18 x 23 inches. Sheet measures 20 3/4 x 25 3/4 inches.

Large scale map of the island with excellent detail on elevation and safe soundings and fresh water noted, in French and Dutch. The Amsterdam publishing firm of Covens and Mortier (1665-c. 1862) was established by Cornelius Mortier and Jean Covens. Together, the two republished the works of great 17th and early 18th century Dutch and French cartographers such as De L'Isle, Allard, Jansson, De Wit, and Ottens. The firm quickly grew into one of the largest and most prolific Dutch publishing outfits of the 18th century and enjoyed a long and prolific life under a variety of names.

Language: French

Price: $500.00

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