The Atlantic Ocean. Thomas POWNALL.

The Atlantic Ocean

London: Laurie & Whittle, 1794.

Sea Chart. Engraving. 21" x 26 1/2".

Rare sea chart from 1794 showing land and ocean north of the Equator from as far west as the Gulf of Mexico to as east as Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea. Countries, territories, bodies of water, etc. are labeled, but the majority of the labeling and details are noted in the Atlantic Ocean. Includes ship routes, underwater land formations (such as the Great Bank off the coast of Newfoundland). Margins reinforced with part of the margin missing in the lower center. Trade winds, rhumb lines, and sailing courses and depths in soundings. Faded gulf stream noted. Navigational handwritten notes in period ink "Minerva from Matazas to New London." from Matanzas Robert Laurie (1755 - 1836) and James Whittle (1757-1818) were London-based map and atlas publishers active in the late 18th and early 19th century. Their firm combined Laurie's engraving skills with Whittle's social contacts and print sales experience. Together, they published numerous maps and atlases, often enlisting prominent cartographers such as Kitchin, Faden, Jefferys and others to update and modify their plates.

Language: English

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