Autograph Letter Signed. Pierre CURIE.
Autograph Letter Signed

Autograph Letter Signed

Paris: 1889.

Very rare A.L.S. with full signature, "Pierre Currie", 8vo., 1 page, Municipal School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry, Paris, in French, writing to his first love Isaure Bazille, the daughter of Professor Albert Bazille, who taught elementary and advanced mathematics to Pierre Currie at age fourteen, in part (translated): "...I will be at the train station at 3:50 PM unless some unpredictable event occurs ... if you want, we'll go boating on the Marne..." With embossed holograph envelope "Ecole Municipale de Physique et de Chimi Industrielles." *Described as too sensitive and introspective for the rigid, highly structured atmosphere of a French classroom, Pierre's parents, and later his brother, taught him at home. When he was fourteen, his father realized he was exceptional at math, especially at spatial geometry, and hired Professor Albert Bazille to teach him advanced mathematics. Bazille inspired him to such intense effort that despite his early casual home schooling, he matriculated at the prestigious Sorbonne at sixteen. There, in just two years, he got a degree in physics. Condition: There are a few surface striations and wrinkles, otherwise this item is in very good condition.

French pioneer physicist who co-discovered the elements radium and polonium, and later was the recipient of the Nobel Prize with his wife Marie Curie and Henri Becquerel, "in recognition of the extraordinary services they have rendered by their joint researches on the Radiation Phenomena discovered by Professor Henri Becquerel."

Binding: Unbound
Condition: Very Good(+)
Language: French

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