Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descripto. Abraham ORTELIUS.

Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descripto


Engraving. Image measures 14" x 19", sheet measures 19" x 23".

This stunning 1612 map by Abraham Ortelius depicts the Western Hemisphere. At the time it was issued, the coastal areas of the New World had been fairly well explored, and Europeans were just beginning settlement and colonization. It is notable for depicting Spanish and Portuguese colonies in high detail, for these powers were notoriously protective of their geographical surveys. This is the first state of the third plate engraved for Ortelius's landmark map of the New World. It is distinguished from the first two plates by the lack of the bulge to the southwest coast of South America. Several other cartographic enhancements are apparent on closer inspections. Abraham Ortelius (1527--1598), a Flemish cartographer and geographer, is widely regarded as one of the important and influential cartographers in history. He is known for his "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum," which was the first modern atlas. Very hard to find in black and white.

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