Two Autographed Letters Signed. JUDAICA: Rabbi Yitzchok Simcha Hurewitz.

Two Autographed Letters Signed

Amsterdam: 1923.

Exceptional lot of two A.L.S.'s from Palestine, March and May 1923, written by Joseph B. Hurewitz to his friend from Hartford, George Sschivolsky, who attended Yale law school at the time. (1) 8vo. 3 pages, personal letterhead, Jerusalem, March 18, 1923, Joseph writes that hte past three months have changed him entirely because he has just been ordained a Rabbi: "I have completed my work here at the Yeshiva... from Chief Rabbi Kirk, however, I do not intend to return and seek a flock to lead ... at least, not so soon". He continues that he intends to go into business with other "stranded Americans" and settled on Sheep. "There are half million sheep and thousands of pounds of wool are shorn every year... but no one has bothered to organize". He has written to several American importers. After congratulating his friend George on his Yale Law School studies, he mentions that he has had friends visit him, "Just a few weeks ago I had some visitors from Hartford. G.B. Schwartz and daughter Frances were here on a tour. The program of the Tour allowed but three days for Palestine, but still they managed to see quite a bit of the Country". (2) 8vo. 3 pages, personal letterhead, Jerusalem, May 12, 1923, he is anxious to tell of his business success: "Upon my return to Hebron, I bought up several tons of wool... that will be shipped to the United States. We have landed an order for tens of thousands of pounds of wool. The importers of New York are opening a letter of credit in our favor." Much more information follows, including his hesitation that he is not applying his Rabbinical teachings and a detailed account witnessing the sacrifice of the Paschal lamb by a small sect still in costume: "They had a High Priest officiate with a white crown on his head and the purple robes of a Pope... Everything is done according to the old rites... in many respects they resemble the Jews". This is a rare opportunity for the genealogical student of person desiring accounts of Palestine in the turbulent 1920's. Both letters are in fine condition and are accompanied by their original postmarked addressed envelopes.

Chief Rabbi of Hartford, Connecticut until his death. His wife was Chanana Greenberg

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