Autographed Letter Signed. CIVIL WAR: WISCONSIN.

Autographed Letter Signed


A.L.S. 4to. 1 page, written in brown ink, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, December 1st 1863, to the Hon. A.B. Jackson, Register at Menasha. In part: "Robert Leasome enlisted in the 32nd Regiment Camp F Wisconsin Vols. from Door County and he is still in that Regt. Mrs. Leasome has been fearful that she would have to journey to Menasha in February in order to receive her Homestead (She is living on the land with her family) and as she cannot leave her children I write to ask you if you can make a record of these facts and secure the land for them until Leasome returns from the War"? Also: A second A.L.S. to A.B. Jackson, at Menasha, 4to. 1 page, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, December 31st 1864, protecting another soldiers' Land Grant from the Homestead, in part: "Joseph Manced, a Door County Volunteer in Camp F 32nd Wisconsin Regiment in August 1860 pre-empted the SW - NE Lot with Cert. No. 16.384. If he lives to return home he will go on to that land - will you please to protect it for him as you have been very kind in doing for others of our brave soldier boys?" Both items are in fine condition.

A Wisconsin Enlistee Wife Protects His Land Grant.

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