Munich (Muenchen); View of Munich from the East. Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, Great Britain.

Munich (Muenchen); View of Munich from the East

Baldwin & Cradock, 1832.

Map. Engraving. 12 1/2" x 15".

This detailed map of the city of Munich (German: Muenchen) from 1832 shows as far north as Maximilians Forest in the west, and Dianen Bad and Bogenhausen in the east, and as far south as Ludwigs Forest in the west and just beyond what is today "Museumsinsel" (Museum Island) in the east. Just below the map, there is a panoramic vignette showing a view of the city from the East. Below the title there is a helpful translation of German map terms, such as "Kirche...Church" and "Caserne...Barrack." Hachure lines show elevation and individual trees are drawn as well. Incredible detail.

Illustrator: T. Bradley
Binding: Unbound
Condition: Very Good
Language: English

Price: $165.00

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