Item #280265 Mixed Political Wares. VANITY FAIR.

Mixed Political Wares

London: Vanity Fair, 1892.

Color lithograph. Sheet measures 15 x 30."

This supplement to Vanity Fair titled "Mixed Political Wares", dates to December 3, 1892 and features the caricatures of Gladstone, Harcourt, Lord Spencer, Lord Ripon, Campbell-Bannerman, and Henry Fowler..

The original artist was Sir Leslie Ward, otherwise known as "Spy," who was a British cartoonist celebrated for his satiric portraits. The print is in good condition with minor wear along the original folds and some foxing.

The British Vanity Fair (1868--1914), a compendium and often critique of Victorian culture, is best known today for its lithographed caricatures of contemporary figures and issues. Its portrait series pictured and described--with both praise and caricature--prominent Victorian and Edwardian politicians, lawyers, doctors, and similar professionals. Their images, often accompanied literary and political articles, cultural reviews, serialized fiction, and other standard weekly magazine features. As the publication grew, it turned increasingly toward gossip as a topic. Scarce trifold.

Illustrator: Leslie Ward (Spy)
Language: English

Price: $200.00

Item #280265