Typed Letter Signed with a handwritten addition. Isaac ASIMOV, 1920 - 1992.

Typed Letter Signed with a handwritten addition

West Newton, MA: 1956.

1 page, 11 x 8.5 inches, West Newton, Massachusetts, September 19, 1956, writing to an old college buddy and reminiscing about the past, in part: "...Good to hear from you. It brings back a host of memories very sharply and clearly, from the day I first stepped into the Chem lab on 10 April 1942 (see, I still date things Navy-style---never broke the habit) till my last visit in 1947. We match you in children, Gertrude and I, but in the reverse order of sexes. And they're much younger, since we got started later. David is 5 years old and has just entered kindergarten; while Robyn Joan is 1 1/2. We own a house now (see address above) in West Newton a Boston suburb. We bought it last February. You'll remember how I used to rant against owning houses. I'm still against it, but with 2 kids, we needed the room. As soon as they grow up and get married I intend to move to a penthouse in Manhattan and never look at a tree again...P.S As for best-sellers, unlikely---but I've been averaging 3 books a year counting textbooks since 1950 and they all are fair-sellers---so I'll settle." Very good condition.

American biochemist who became one of the world's most beloved writers of science fiction and popular science books.

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