Item #279493 In M'lle New York A New Story By Edward W. Townsend. Thomas FLEMING.

In M'lle New York A New Story By Edward W. Townsend

New York: Fleming, Schiller & Carnrick.

Print. lithograph. Page measures 14" x 11".

M'lle New York was an avant-garde magazine founded in 1895 by James Gibbons Huneker, a bohemiam musician, and Vance Thompson, a Princeton graduate, both of whom had spent time in Europe and become enmesshed in fin-de-siecle literature, drama, and music. Struck by the tameness of New York magazines in comparison to their counterparts in France and London, they put together their pink-and-black-printed attack on American gentility with fiction, poetry, illustration, and decadeny critiques - often published anonymously or with pen names - of what they saw as the lowbrow public. Despite the magazine's ridicule of democratic culture, it participated in introducing New Yorkers to the work of some important Modernists. Its editorial run only lasted four years, and while both men went on to continue their cultural crusade in other publications. M'lle New York stands out as a manifesto of their anti-philistine perspective.

Illustrator: Fleming, Thomas
Binding: Unbound
Language: English

Price: $75.00

Item #279493