Gulf Stream Map - Atlantic or Western Ocean. Benjamin JONES.

Gulf Stream Map - Atlantic or Western Ocean

Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society.

Map. Engraving. Uncolored. Image measures 12" x 20". Page measures 21.25" x 17.5".

This late-18th-century map illustrates the phenomenon of the Gulf Stream as named and first charted by Benjamin Franklin in 1762. A thick band of engraved lines visualize the ocean current flowing from the Gulf of Mexico up the Eastern seaboard and then east to the coast of Africa, labelled as "Azanhaga." Jones' map builds on Franklin's initial example by providing contextual information that demonstrates the impact of the Gulf Stream on transatlantic shipping and travel, such as different paths indicating the "usual courses" between North America and Europe. Scattered arrows indicate current and wind directions in accordance with a compass rose just below the Gulf Stream. The map is in very good condition with minimal wear to center fold, light foxing and some staining present. Repair to lower right margin does not effect image. Benjamin Jones was an engraver in Philadelphia active between 1778 and 1815. This map was published by the American Philosophical Society, which endeavored to promote the distribution of scientific and cultural knowledge among the newly independent colonies.

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