Der amerikanische Papst. PUCK.

Der amerikanische Papst

New York: Sackett and Wilhems, 1894.

Double-page offset lithograph. Image measures 12.5" x 18.5".

This double-page pictorial map from Puck magazine critiques the influence of Franceso Satolli, the first diplomatic representative of the Papacy in the United States. Shown seated atop the dome of the Vatican, he extends his crosier in a show of authority that extends from Washington--the mission's base--to the coast of California. On the ground, his influence looks less regal and more nefarious, as his shadow extends its arms hungrily to cover an ever-greater expanse of the American landscape. In its combination of well-sketched architecture and highly-modeled portraiture, the cartoon is a good example of the artistic skills needed in this genre of publication.

Illustrator: Victor Gillam
Language: English

Price: $300.00

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