Scarce Autographed Letter Signed. Francis Leopold McCLINTOCK, 1819 - 1907.

Scarce Autographed Letter Signed

Dublin: 1863.

1 page, 7.25 x 4.5 inches, Dublin, June 19, 1863, to Major General Sir Andrew Scott Waugh, a fellow explorer and surveyor who named the highest mountain in the world after Sir George Everest, his friend and predecessor in the post of Surveyor-General of India, in full: "Very many thanks for the card of visitation for the 24th which you have sent me. Had I remained in town to the present time, it would have been a strong inducement to me to continue there; but I left London on Sunday last, and will probably remain six weeks in Ireland." Boldly signed and in fine condition with the addition of the original envelope addressed in McClintock's hand.

Irish explorer in the Royal Navy who traveled 1400 miles by sled of previously unknown coastline and found Sir John Franklin's abandoned and frozen vessel. Inside he located the official handwritten ledger book that Franklin kept (1845 - 1848) on the Northwest Passage Expedition.

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