OPAKH. Thraciae Veteris Typus. Abraham ORTELIUS.

OPAKH. Thraciae Veteris Typus

Antwerp: Abraham Ortelius, 1592.

Map. Engraving with hand color. Image measures 14" x 18 3/4".

This beautiful 1592 map by Abraham Ortelius depicts the Balkan Peninsula or the Balkans extending from The Sea of Marmara, Istanbul and the Bosporus Strait westward to Macedonia including Bulgaria. Portions of the Black Sea and the Thrakikon Pelagos are also shown. Topographical and geographical features such as mountains, forests and cities are beautifully rendered in profile.

Ortelius based this map on the 1560 South-East Europe map by Gastaldi and on on information from numerous ancient sources, specifically Herodotus, Plinius, Strabo, Appianus, Virgilius, Plutarchus, and Sidonius. A beautifully engraved title cartouche adorns the top left of the map. Two additional cartouches containing text are also included in the top and bottom right.

This map was published in the 1592 edition of Ortelius's famous "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum," which is historically considered the first modern atlas. Based on the Latin text on verso, only 525 copies of this particular atlas were ever printed (van der Broecke 214). The map is in good condition with minor wear and toning along the original centerfold. Light stain in lower left margin. Minor foxing with Latin text on verso.

Abraham Ortelius (1527--1598), a Flemish cartographer and geographer, is widely regarded as one of the important and influential cartographers in history. He is known for his "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum," which was the first modern atlas. Van den Broecke #214

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