Uncut pair of Nauvoo House Association stock certificates. MORMON FINANCIAL HISTORY.

Uncut pair of Nauvoo House Association stock certificates

Nauvoo, IL: 1842.

Nauvoo House Association $50-$100 Stock Certificates (Uncut Pair). This variety listed as Nyholm 46 and Rust 31. A complete uncut sheet dating from the early 1840s from the second issue of stock to build a Mormon-sponsored hotel in Nauvoo, Illinois. It should be noted that Joseph Smith placed the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon in the cornerstone of the building in 1841. Construction was stopped in 1844 in order to concentrate on building Nauvoo Temple. Condition: This example is well centered with above average margins on all four sides. There are two pin holes in the margins that might very well be guide marks. The corners appear sharp but we do notice two minor distractions in the margins of the $50 note. We grade this item Choice Uncirculated 64.

Binding: Unbound
Language: English

Price: $1,700.00

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