Fight or Buy Bonds. Third Liberty Loan. Howard Chandler CHRISTY.

Fight or Buy Bonds. Third Liberty Loan

Boston: Forbes, 1917.

Original poster. Lithograph. Measures 30 x 40".

This beautifully-rendered World War I-era poster is a fine example of the work of Howard Chandler Christy, one of the foremost illustrators of wartime posters in the US. This poster features one of the artist's typical "Christy Girls" waving an American flag with a backdrop of storming troops behind her. The scene is rendered in a watercolor-like style that likely contributed greatly to the poster's effectiveness in motivating American citizens to support the war effort.

The poster was released by Third Liberty Loan, which was the largest fund-raising effort in American history to that date. The poster is in good condition with minor edge wear near the top right edges. Fold along center of poster. A lovely example of Christy's work and an icon of the World War I era.

Howard Chandler Christy (1873-1952) was an American magazine illustrator who gained a reputation for military scenes thanks to pictures he made during the Spanish-American War. His World War I posters were incredibly popular as well, particular in his distinct depiction of charming women with strong values.

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