Systeme de Copernic. Louis Charles DESNOS, Louis BRION DE LA TOUR.

Systeme de Copernic

Paris: Louis Charles Desnos, 1761.

Copper plate engraving with original hand color. Image measure 15" x 21.5".

This impressive chart by Desnos and Brion de la Tour depicts the astronomical model developed by Nicolaus Copernicus. The Copernican Heliocentrism shows a stationary Sun at the center of the Universe with all the planets rotating around it. The Copernicus model is believed to have given birth to modern astronomy as it departed from the prevailing Ptolemaic system, which for centuries placed the Earth at the center. The whole is surrounded by text with remarks and descriptions of the map and enclosed in a decorative border which was only added to the deluxe editions of his atlas.

The map is in good condition with minor wear and creasing along the centerfold. Centerfold split at bottom, not affecting printed image. Original plate mark is visible.

Louis Charles Desnos (1725 - 1805) was a cartographer and globe maker from Paris, France. He was the Royal Globe Maker for the Kind of Denmark, Christian VII, and published a large number of maps during his time. Louis Brion de la Tour (1756-1823) is best known for his 'Atlas General' published in collaboration with Louis Charles Desnos. He held the title of Royal Cartographer to the King of France. This is an uncommon example of their collaborative work.

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