Sketch accompanying Col. Price's Despatch of 15th Feb. 1847. U S. Government.

Sketch accompanying Col. Price's Despatch of 15th Feb. 1847

Washington D.C. Wendell and Van Benthuysen, 1847.

Map. Engraving with hand coloring. Image measures 8.25" x 5.5".

This battle plan depicts the route of the Col. Sterling Price's movements during the Mexican-American War in 1847 between Embudo and La Joya, Mexico (modern day New Mexico) near the Rio del Norte. The movements of the army are clearly marked with topography beautifully depicted and enemy positions marked. The patterns of the lines, hand-colored in red and blue, create a dazzling pattern over the topography of the region, which was been colored in brown and green. It is in vey good condition with no chips with minor wear along the folds. The map appeared in Emory's "Notes of a Military Reconnoissance," first published as a Senate Executive Document in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War.

William Hemsley Emory (1811-1887) was a United States Army officer and surveyor of Texas. After serving in the Mexican-American War, he helped conduct the land surveys that would determine the border between the U.S. and Mexico established in the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. This map is a fascinating military document.

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