Item #266809 Signed Card in Gaelic. Robert BARTON, 1881 - 1975.

Signed Card in Gaelic


3.5 x 4.25 inches, no place, no date, circa 1922, in Gaelic [translated: Glendalough House Annamoe [?] County Wicklow Eire / Ireland Yours very sincerely Robert Barton] and his full signature in Gaelic and English -- a very early and important item. Fine condition.

Irish Nationalist and politician who participated in the negotiations leading up to the signature on the Anglo-Irish Treaty. As an officer in World War I, he was stationed in Dublin during the 1916 Easter Uprising and came into contact with many of the imprisoned leaders. He resigned his commission in protest at the heavy-handed British government suppression of the revolt. He then joined the Republican Movement. Arrested for sedition in 1919, he escaped from Mountjoy prison on St. Patrick's Day, only to be recaptured and sentenced to three years imprisonment in June 1920. Eventually he was released under the General Amnesty of July 1921.

Binding: Unbound
Language: Gaelic

Price: $275.00

Item #266809

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