Rare Ornately Printed Poster signed by the Prime Minister. RHODESIA AND APARTHEID.

Rare Ornately Printed Poster signed by the Prime Minister

Salisbury, Rhodesia: 1966.

Outstanding memento from the illegal Unilateral Declaration of Independence, signed by Ian Smith on behalf of Rhodesia in 1965. 1 page, 13.25 x 10 inches, heavy paper -- a personalized certificate of thanks, Salisbury, Rhodesia, 1966, illustrated with the Coat of Arms and a photograph of Ian Smith, along with a message from the Government of Rhodesia to those who supported her stand for Independence during their first year of her existence, in full: "To friends who gave support to the people of RHODESIA in their stand on Independence especially "MR. RALPH DE TOLEDANO." We, the Prime Minister and people of Rhodesia, extend our grateful thanks. Conveyed on their behalf by the Friends of Rhodesia Trust." Signed by Ian Smith (in the plate) as Prime Minister. Note: Britain did not respond to the UDI with force. Instead it attempted using economic sanctions, including ending the link between Sterling and the Rhodesian currency, seizing assets and banning the import of Rhodesian tobacco. As the world watched in amazement, Britain predicted that Rhodesia would succumb to the sanctions in a matter of months. It would be 14 years before the illegal regime came to an end. The certificate is made out to Ralph De Toledano (1916 - 2007), a major figure in the Conservative Movement in the United States and a close friend of Richard Nixon. He is best known as an editor at Newsweek and the National Review and the author of more than 25 books. Fine condition.

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