Europae Tabula quarta continet Germaniam magnam. Lorenz FRIES.

Europae Tabula quarta continet Germaniam magnam

Vienne: Gaspar Trechsel, 1541.

Map. Uncolored engraving. Page measures 15 1/4" x 20 1/4". 1541.

This striking map of Germany, Poland and surroundings is a Lorenz Fries edition based on Waldseemuller's Ptolemaic atlas "Geographie Opus Novissima", first published in 1513. The map extends from the Rhine River east to the Vistula River and south as far as the Danube covering what would be modern day Denmark, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. This map is from the 1541 fourth edition of Lorenz Fries' "Geographia" of Ptolemy, published by Gaspar Trechsel in Vienne, Dauphine and sold by Hughes de la Porte in Lyons. The atlas include Ptolemaic map and utilizes Fries' woodcut maps derived from Martin Waldseemuller, with text edited by Michael Servetus. This fourth edition can be identified based on the text on verso. Claudius Ptolemy (90-168 CE) was a Roman geographer and mathematician living in Egypt, who compiled his knowledge and theories about the world's geography into one seminal work. Although his maps did not survive, his mathematical projections and location coordinates did. During the Renaissance revival of Greek and Roman works, "Geographia" was rediscovered by monks and based upon Ptolemy's detailed instructions, the maps were recreated. Lorenz (Laurent) Fries (c.1490 - c.1531) was a physician, astrologer and geographer born in Alsace. After studying medicine and spending time at several European universities, he settled in Strasbourg where he met published and printer Johann Grüninger. With Grüninger, he worked on a new edition of Ptolemy's "Geographia" with woodcut maps reduced from Martin Waldseemuller's "Geographie Opus Novissima", which were published in various editions from 1522 - 1541, even after Fries died. This map of Germany, Poland and surroundings is a beautiful example of his work.

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