Cerro de Cotopaxi nevado como parecio en la el bentazon que hizo el ano de 1743. Jorge JUAN, Antonio DE ULLOA.

Cerro de Cotopaxi nevado como parecio en la el bentazon que hizo el ano de 1743.

Madrid: Antonio Marin, 1735.

View. Uncolored engraving. Image measures 8" x 12.5".

Beautiful engraving of the phenomenon of a rainbow as observed by Jorge Juan and Antonio de Ulloa in Pambamarca, Ecuador during their journey to South America. The view includes three illustrations, including the volcanic eruption of snowy hill of Cotopaxi spewing steam and fire and supposed 'phenomenon' of the rainbow. The writers describe this as: While the hill was shrouded in dense clouds, which with the sunrise dissipated and only the tenuous vapors remained in sight. The opposite side where the sun rose on the same mountain, at a distance, it looked like a mirror represented the image of each of us, and centered on our head, made three concentric Irises. The view is in good condition with minor wear along the folds. Lower left margin includes minor wom holes. From Antonio de Ulloa and Jorge Juan y Sanctilla's "Relacion historica del viage a la America Meridional hecho de orden de S. Mag. para medir algunos grados de meridiano terrestre y venir por ellos en conocimiento de la verdadera figura y magnitud de la tierra, con otras observaciones astronomicas..." This particular plan is from Part One, Volume Two, containing "Libro VI: Descripcion de la Provincia de Quito... - Indice de las materias y cosas notables contenidas en esta primera parte". Illustration by Vicente de la Fuente. Antonio de Ulloa (1716-1795) was a Spanish explorer, author, and politician considered one of the best European scientists of his time. He began his research in South America in concert with the French Academy of Sciences and traveled around the continent for ten years. His Relacion Historia del Viaje a la America Meridional, which he published with Jorge Juan y Sanctilla, provided a detailed geography and natural history of the continent. This view is a lovely example of the work they produced.

Illustrator: Vicente de la Fuente
Binding: Unbound
Language: English

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