Christian Martyrs; Reign of Diocletian Rome A.D. 303. GUSTAV P. DORE.

Christian Martyrs; Reign of Diocletian Rome A.D. 303

London: Dore Gallery, 1875.

Print. Uncolored engraving. Image measures 24" x 32.25".

This stunning scene is based on the celebrated painting by the famous French artist Paul Gustave Dore. This engraving, titled "Christian Martyrs, Reign of Diocletian Rome AD 303", depicts a gruesome scene in an amphitheater in Rome. Lions feast and prowl over the corpses of the martyrs, some still clutching crosses in their hands. The seats of the amphitheater are empty and in shadow. Above the martyrs, angels look down with tenderness and compassion, come to bear off the spirits of the martyrs. The print is in very good condition with minor cracks along margins. Mounted on linen. Overall toning. The print was engraved by Herbert Bourne and published by Fairless and Beeforth, Dore Gallery. Paul Gustav Dore was a French artist, printmaker and illustrator. He became one of the most famous illustrators of the 19th century with his detailed illustrations for the English Bible. His work also appeared in the Illustrated London News. This is a beautiful example of his work.

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Language: English

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