Item #248698 Autographed Manuscript Signed in French. Alexandro MORET, 1868 - 1938.

Autographed Manuscript Signed in French

Buenos Aires: 1925.

5.25 x 9 inches on a heavy-stock album page, Buenos Aires, July 23, 1925. Written in French with the addition of three Hieroglyphic symbols, discussing the Pharaohs, the daughter of Sun-Ra, and the Egyptian system of Justice, translated in part: "...Four thousand years before the great Jaures, the Egyptians demanded of their Pharaohs that the State rest upon the basis of Truth and Social Justice. These two great ideas being splendid stars seen by all free peoples today. The Egyptians embodied themselves in a unique figure: the Truth - Justice (hieroglyphics) Maat, daughter of Sun-Ra. And here the protestations of an Egyptian peasant/farmer are addressed 2000 years before our era, to his Pharaoh...Speak the Truth, carry out Justice, for Maat is great, she is powerful, she is eternal...and if you observe this, she will steer you to beatitude..." Accompanied by Moret's very rare printed calling card as Professor at the College of France, located in Paris. Boldly signed "A Moret" and in very good condition.

French Egyptologist and archeologist who succeeded Emile Amelineau as Director of Studies for the Religions of Egypt.

Binding: Unbound
Language: French

Price: $800.00

Item #248698

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